Our Hawaii – Music and Lyrics by Alx Kawakami (ASCAP)

Verse: There’s a feeling that I get when I walk through Hanapepe, Oh the spirits calling out to me, Mother nature whispers, the birds begin to sing And the waves start to rumble, crashing on the reef… Verse: It’s the smell of the ocean when you wake up in the morning, The sun peaks its head […]

Voices Sweet – Music and Lyrics by Alx Kawakami (ASCAP)

Verse: Isnʻt it amazing how the world spins around? Voices are divided when no one makes a sound. On a journey over mountains ʻcross the sea, Take me home to find my family… (repeat) CHORUS: I found a part of me (Mitsuke tayo) Just right outside the city (Kazoku no ai tonukumoriwo) We sing in […]

Reach Up For the Stars – Music and Lyrics by Alx Kawakami (ASCAP)

Verse: All these dreams I’m having, never ever will come true. Living life without a purpose, always craving something new. Now I got a perfect opportunity to reach out farther than the rest. Be strong, hold my ground, and take what’s coming next… Chorus: How far will you go to get to where you want? […]

Dreams Come Alive – Music and Lyrics by Alx Kawakami (ASCAP)

Verse: A morning mist falls in the light. No more pain, no more fight. Each story that is told Another reason why you were the man to know. Verse: We always said that we were proud, To have a man like you around. Nothings going to change, With pride we’ll carry on the family name. […]

Someone Like You – Music and Lyrics by Alx Kawakami (ASCAP)

Verse: Feeling like I’m lost and lonely, Walking up a darkened alley wondering why. Never gonna find my answers, If I keep on walking down the same straight line. Chorus: A feeling I’ll never find again, And I know its true, I’ll spend the rest of my life, Finding someone like you… Verse: Playing like […]

Dancing in the Rain – Music and Lyrics by Alx Kawakami

Verse: Rain clouds are coming The black sheet is covering, Casting its shadow with a force we cannot beat. Chasing all the kids away From all the silly games they play Tiny mud rivers start clouding up the street. PreChorus: I always say, it’s the perfect time to play… Chorus:  Woahhhh… Let’s go dancing in […]