Our Hawaii – Music and Lyrics by Alx Kawakami (ASCAP)


There’s a feeling that I get when I walk through Hanapepe,

Oh the spirits calling out to me,

Mother nature whispers, the birds begin to sing

And the waves start to rumble, crashing on the reef…


It’s the smell of the ocean when you wake up in the morning,

The sun peaks its head above Le’ahi,

The warm summer heat, blazing on the beach,

Gives me time to relax, the sand beneath my feet…


People come from far and wide

Just to live the true Hawaiian style

Share the moment that you’ve always dreamed

In Our Hawaii


Feel the aloha, from Hanalei to Kona

Haleakala climbs up to heaven,

Grasp every moment, taste it oh so sweet

Paradise is the answer, life is complete…

Voices Sweet – Music and Lyrics by Alx Kawakami (ASCAP)


Isnʻt it amazing how the world spins around?

Voices are divided when no one makes a sound.

On a journey over mountains ʻcross the sea,

Take me home to find my family… (repeat)


I found a part of me (Mitsuke tayo)

Just right outside the city (Kazoku no ai tonukumoriwo)

We sing in Harmony (Sutekina hamoni)


Over bridges through the tunnels we will go.

Rivers running far away from all we know.

In a small time in the mountains of Japan,

Thereʻs a girl who reaches out her hand (repeat)


Ima made kodokuto munashisawo,

Anatamo kanjiteitanante.

Kimino yasashiimewo mitsumete iruto

Tokiwokoe imakokode kokorowa hitotsu


Isnʻt it amazing how the world spins around?

Voices in unity the spiral circles round.

All those years have passed us by without a trace

Finally our family will embrace… (repeat)

Reach Up For the Stars – Music and Lyrics by Alx Kawakami (ASCAP)


All these dreams I’m having, never ever will come true.

Living life without a purpose, always craving something new.

Now I got a perfect opportunity to reach out farther than the rest.

Be strong, hold my ground, and take what’s coming next…


How far will you go to get to where you want?

Sacrifice is imminent when you want to lead the charge.

And everyone from all around has dreams and aspirations.

Only you will know, if you’re the one to reach out for the stars.


Little boys and little girls set their goals high in the sky.

As the years start rolling by, life always shoves their dreams aside.

It’s a shame that all the keiki in the world won’t ever get to where they want.

Hold on, just push on, believe that you’re the one.



Why oh why?

We stray so far away…

It’s been a long time but don’t forget,

The stars are here to stay…

So reach on!

Dreams Come Alive – Music and Lyrics by Alx Kawakami (ASCAP)


A morning mist falls in the light.

No more pain, no more fight.

Each story that is told

Another reason why you were the man to know.


We always said that we were proud,

To have a man like you around.

Nothings going to change,

With pride we’ll carry on the family name.


You’re up in the sky,

You’re making dreams come alive,

And now its time for us to say goodbye.

Tears rolling down my face

You made the world a better place.

For now we all say goodbye, to you.


A tear is falling from eye,

Just for now we say goodbye.

You’re always in my heart

My inspiration is never very far.


Watching to learn…

You taught how to live…

You’re thoughts are passed on and we are proud.

Now that you’re gone…

I’ll follow your path…

With all of my heart I’ll go on strong…

Someone Like You – Music and Lyrics by Alx Kawakami (ASCAP)


Feeling like I’m lost and lonely,

Walking up a darkened alley wondering why.

Never gonna find my answers,

If I keep on walking down the same straight line.


A feeling I’ll never find again,

And I know its true,

I’ll spend the rest of my life,

Finding someone like you…


Playing like a broken record,

Memories are spinning through my hopeless mind,

Gonna keep my eyes wide open,

Waiting for the heavens to send down a sign.

It’s so easy to explain

I wish I could pull you from my head

Even though we’re far apart

Is there something we can do

I’m dying without you, I can’t stop loving you.

La da da da…woahhhh…

Dancing in the Rain – Music and Lyrics by Alx Kawakami


Rain clouds are coming

The black sheet is covering,

Casting its shadow with a force we cannot beat.

Chasing all the kids away

From all the silly games they play

Tiny mud rivers start clouding up the street.


I always say, it’s the perfect time to play…



Let’s go dancing in the rain,

Washing all your troubles naturally away.


Lets go dancing, lets go dancing in the rain.


Mother nature’s calling,

Her teardrops are falling,

Dark and stormy weather is a blessing in disguise,

Tide is rising slowly,

The streams are over flowing,

Some people say that danger’s falling from the skies


Everybody run for cover now,

Theres no time so don’t ask why.

Stay outside to feel the rhythm

Falling from the sky…

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