A morning mist falls in the light.

No more pain, no more fight.

Each story that is told

Another reason why you were the man to know.


We always said that we were proud,

To have a man like you around.

Nothings going to change,

With pride we’ll carry on the family name.


You’re up in the sky,

You’re making dreams come alive,

And now its time for us to say goodbye.

Tears rolling down my face

You made the world a better place.

For now we all say goodbye, to you.


A tear is falling from eye,

Just for now we say goodbye.

You’re always in my heart

My inspiration is never very far.


Watching to learn…

You taught how to live…

You’re thoughts are passed on and we are proud.

Now that you’re gone…

I’ll follow your path…

With all of my heart I’ll go on strong…