All these dreams I’m having, never ever will come true.

Living life without a purpose, always craving something new.

Now I got a perfect opportunity to reach out farther than the rest.

Be strong, hold my ground, and take what’s coming next…


How far will you go to get to where you want?

Sacrifice is imminent when you want to lead the charge.

And everyone from all around has dreams and aspirations.

Only you will know, if you’re the one to reach out for the stars.


Little boys and little girls set their goals high in the sky.

As the years start rolling by, life always shoves their dreams aside.

It’s a shame that all the keiki in the world won’t ever get to where they want.

Hold on, just push on, believe that you’re the one.



Why oh why?

We stray so far away…

It’s been a long time but don’t forget,

The stars are here to stay…

So reach on!