Dancing in the Rain – Music and Lyrics by Alx Kawakami


Rain clouds are coming

The black sheet is covering,

Casting its shadow with a force we cannot beat.

Chasing all the kids away

From all the silly games they play

Tiny mud rivers start clouding up the street.


I always say, it’s the perfect time to play…



Let’s go dancing in the rain,

Washing all your troubles naturally away.


Lets go dancing, lets go dancing in the rain.


Mother nature’s calling,

Her teardrops are falling,

Dark and stormy weather is a blessing in disguise,

Tide is rising slowly,

The streams are over flowing,

Some people say that danger’s falling from the skies


Everybody run for cover now,

Theres no time so don’t ask why.

Stay outside to feel the rhythm

Falling from the sky…