What I Need – Music and Lyrics by Alx Kawakami (ASCAP)

Verse: I need you here to hold, like a baby needs its blanket, And a doggy needs a bone. You keep my mind at ease, every time you smile Baby smile for me please Chorus:  Baby baby baby baby…I’ll see you in my dreams Baby baby baby baby…I’ll sing you to sleep Baby baby baby […]

Sweet Embrace – Music and Lyrics by Alx Kawakami (ASCAP)

Verse: When I smile my life feels free, A simple laugh, a little giggles all I need. All around the world there’s people who need a hand, To grab a hold of life, enjoy what they have. PreChorus: We gotta let them know, We gotta open up and let our feelings show… Chorus: Let’s all, […]

Live Aloha – Music and Lyrics by Alx Kawakami (ASCAP)

Verse: Misty rain will fall, the sun will always shine, Go and let your body soak it in. If the weather brings you down, close your eyes and run, You’ll find your happiness again. Pre Chorus:  Just let it all hang loose, Don’t worry about the news Keep your head up high and let it […]