My hands are shaky my words are faded,

I’m addicted to the one I love.

I’m in a dream land, I’ll never trade it,

Eternity is not enough.


Like the fire, my desire ,

Lights the shadows in the world to see,

Like the sunlight, like the starlight,

Illuminates the world for me.


If sky falls down and the world’s on fire,

I won’t let you go.

Even if you made a wrong turn

I will follow down that road.

I’m everywhere you go…


Can’t live without you, I need you closer,

I need a pinch just to feel that it’s real,

Your emotions can always take me,

You push the pedal just to spin my wheels.


In the evening the sun is faded.

You’re the one I’m thinking of.

Ohhh in the morning I can’t escape it,

I’m addicted to the one I love.