I was lonely driving slowly down the freeway.

Singing solo when the songs were meant for two.

I imagine just the two of us together,

Here to put together all the little clues.


Miles and miles pass by I see the sun is fading,

Just like the setting from our picture on the wall.

In the dark I feel a long anticipation,

On this journey all alone I must stand strong.


I will sing my song to break the silence,

All alone I don’t know what else I can do,

So I will sing my song to break the silence,

Every night I sing my song I’ll think of you.


I wander through this town to find my bearings,

I’m not used to drinking coffee by myself.

And all the dreams that once fired up my passion

Are drowning in some distant wishing well.


In the darkness I feel like no one,

In the quiet we will all get left behind.

Everyone should have a special heart to hold on to

The way that you held mine…