I’ve been blessed and cursed by life’s best and worst

Mostly I live in between.

Measure time in coffee cups, never seems to be enough,

Day-left at the end of my dreams.


Clouds may block the sun the wind may blow.

Just might take you where you need to go.


I’ve seen fire and rainbows

Sunshine and shadows, beautiful pain.

I’ve seen yesterdays sorrows

Cleansed in tomorrow’s heavenly rain.

Each moment of life goes

Through fire and rainbows.


Long brown hair and baby blues, something bout her felt like truth,

I just let my heart lead the way.

Time can twist and turn around, who was lost and what was found,

But loving someone’s never a mistake.


The only way you’ll catch a falling star

Is to live your life with open arms.


Pushing out the edges digging down the depths

Dancing in the middle hoping for the best.