When I smile my life feels free,

A simple laugh, a little giggles all I need.

All around the world there’s people who need a hand,

To grab a hold of life, enjoy what they have.


We gotta let them know,

We gotta open up and let our feelings show…


Let’s all,

Sing a song for the world,

Put a smile on that face,

Clear the air and make the world into a better place.

Watch the words flow from your tongue,

Touch the hearts of everyone,

Open your arms and let them feel your sweet embrace.


There is sadness in your eyes I can see,

Tiny teardrops rolling slowly down your cheek,

I can’t guarantee that the future will be fine,

For this special moment, life will feel divine.


We’re miles across the sea,

Fallen leaves of the family tree.

Sending all our love,

We’re one big family…