The Train – Music and Lyrics by Alx Kawakami (ASCAP)


The black suits riding, at the 10 o’clock hour,

Mind is fading, but the last stops coming along.

The door slowly opens, Getting ready for the freedom

But Mama’s on the other side, her feet are moving trying hard not to miss this train!

Chorus: (2X)

Oh let her go right now,

Let her on the train

She’s got nowhere else to be,

We can wait till sunrise (for the train)


Starts out jumping, trying to hit the ground running.

Burning the rubber, at the bottom of the soles of her feet

Eye’s start staring, at the crazy little lady,

It’s amazing what you would do when you’re in a foreign country trying to get on home.

Before I Knew Your Name – Music and Lyrics by Alx Kawakami (ASCAP)


I’ve been lost in your eyes forever,

But I never got the chance to know your name,

I struggled to find the time to paint a picture in my mind,

Of how beautiful you looked to me that day,


You’re the star up in the sky that falls from heaven,

The one that all the gazers wish upon,

And like that star up in the sky, I fell for you that night,

With my heart laid out I offer you this song,


I’ve fallen for you, I’ve fallen for you baby,

You make it easy for me to love again,

You didn’t have to try your hardest to get on board so quickly

Cuz’ I fell for you before I knew your name


I’ll stay awake if your fears keep your eyes open,

In my arms you’ll feel security within

I’ll sing for you a lullaby each and every night

Rock-a-by my baby go to sleep

No Place Like Home – Music and Lyrics by Alx Kawakami (ASCAP)


Everybody’s walking, talking, acting differently.

People started lifting heads and staring straight at me.

I tried a year away from paradise where the rain took away my smile

I tapped my feet together wishing the snow was sand where I can stare the horizon down.


Cuz there’s no place like home,

Everybody knows…

There’s no place like home anywhere.


Trying hard to fit in this strange place I’m gonna need a map.

I guess in the case opposites are not going to attract.

When I’m away for so long all my feelings start to disappear.

I take for granted all the things that I left behind I start to wish that they were near.

Down in Paradise – Music and Lyrics by Alx Kawakami (ASCAP)


We are cruisin’ down in paradise,

Everybody’s groovin’ to the songs we sacrifice,

We are cruisin’ down in paradise,

All the boys and girls are singing dancing surfing down in the ocean Hawaiian style


Let me tell you bout this place I know of.

The only place where sunny rain will fall.

Where everybody’s mixed together one big family,

No matter what the circumstances be.


I will call your name to come up and grace the stage with me,

I’ll learn from the best, I will learn from the past,

There’s no other way that it should be…YEA YEA YEA!


It’s all about the music in the air here,

The cottage where the history loves to flow,

And grandpas in his rocking chair hes rockin’ in his seat,

Through the night he doesn’t skip a beat.

Too Little Too Late – Music and Lyrics by Alx Kawakami (ASCAP)


You told me that you’re into me,

We were sitting on the hammock outside.

The stars above were shining,

The moon came in and out like the tide.


It felt like it would be perfect,

So I waited for the perfect time.

It seems I waited forever

Now someone else is on your mind.


We always wait for the right times to say the right things,

But end up hurting one another with our silent feelings.

You never knew how much I cared,

I believed that it was fate.

You looked straight into my eyes and said,

Too little too late…


You say we’re friends forever,

But then ignore me like im some other guy.

It’s taking all my energy,

To push my memories to the side.


I remember watching the sunset in my mind.

I know that it won’t happen cuz I waited all this time.

And when I close my eyes I know that I will never sleep.

Thinking of all the could be, the futures with you and me.

Chances Lost – Music and Lyrics by Alx Kawakami (ASCAP)


Cherish these moments,

They’ll come around once in a lifetime

And they’re gone.

Like the valley mist as the sun touches the tip of the sky.


You don’t know what you have till its gone

Regrets are the only thing in place


Chances lost,

Friends who ran away.

Only you had to say,

One thing and they would have stayed.


These are your best times,

You know you chose the wrong road.

There’s no use looking back

At the broken hearts and tears that fell for you.

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