You told me that you’re into me,

We were sitting on the hammock outside.

The stars above were shining,

The moon came in and out like the tide.


It felt like it would be perfect,

So I waited for the perfect time.

It seems I waited forever

Now someone else is on your mind.


We always wait for the right times to say the right things,

But end up hurting one another with our silent feelings.

You never knew how much I cared,

I believed that it was fate.

You looked straight into my eyes and said,

Too little too late…


You say we’re friends forever,

But then ignore me like im some other guy.

It’s taking all my energy,

To push my memories to the side.


I remember watching the sunset in my mind.

I know that it won’t happen cuz I waited all this time.

And when I close my eyes I know that I will never sleep.

Thinking of all the could be, the futures with you and me.