Too Little Too Late – Music and Lyrics by Alx Kawakami (ASCAP)


You told me that you’re into me,

We were sitting on the hammock outside.

The stars above were shining,

The moon came in and out like the tide.


It felt like it would be perfect,

So I waited for the perfect time.

It seems I waited forever

Now someone else is on your mind.


We always wait for the right times to say the right things,

But end up hurting one another with our silent feelings.

You never knew how much I cared,

I believed that it was fate.

You looked straight into my eyes and said,

Too little too late…


You say we’re friends forever,

But then ignore me like im some other guy.

It’s taking all my energy,

To push my memories to the side.


I remember watching the sunset in my mind.

I know that it won’t happen cuz I waited all this time.

And when I close my eyes I know that I will never sleep.

Thinking of all the could be, the futures with you and me.

Chances Lost – Music and Lyrics by Alx Kawakami (ASCAP)


Cherish these moments,

They’ll come around once in a lifetime

And they’re gone.

Like the valley mist as the sun touches the tip of the sky.


You don’t know what you have till its gone

Regrets are the only thing in place


Chances lost,

Friends who ran away.

Only you had to say,

One thing and they would have stayed.


These are your best times,

You know you chose the wrong road.

There’s no use looking back

At the broken hearts and tears that fell for you.

Slowly – Music and Lyrics by Alx Kawakami (ASCAP)


When all goes well, no tears are drawn,

And all is left for your fate to look upon,

The timing’s right, for you to see,

That our love was so meant to be,

I know I should be stronger when love is on the line,

But the futures up to you,

It’s easier to fail when you got nothing to lose.


Woahhhhh, clouding up my senses

Woahhhhh, you and I are slowly falling in love.


When time is up, the clock runs out,

And all your feelings turned into doubt

When you got scared and lonely too

You turned to me and asked what to do,

The reason for my sadness is you were left behind,

But I know that it’s not true,

I woke in sweat ‘cause I thought I had lost you.

Are You Missing Me – Music and Lyrics by Alx Kawakami (ASCAP)


Sitting alone in my room,

Waiting for your call,

Open my phone to dial your numbers,

I’m afraid I’m gonna fall,


Are you missing me?

Lord knows I’ve been missing you


Cuz’ I’m sitting here you’re sitting there

My hands are crossed and I’m praying for you,

The only thing that separates us

Is the sky floating over the ocean blue,

Its been so long since I’ve seen you sitting here with me

Now you’re only a memory,

I hope you’ll see,

We were meant to be


I don’t deny I love you, it’s just,

My feelings tend to hide.

I don’t deny I want you, sometimes, My feelings are inside, but

For you, I would capture a falling star

For you, I’d follow a rainbow,

For you, I’d spend each hour,

Praying for you and me

If I Ever – Music and Lyrics by Alx Kawakami (ASCAP)


I dream of love, through the endless night,

I dreamt your kiss, your kiss of paradise,

I know that I, could tell you everything,

But I can’t unleash, the feelings you can’t see,


Why do I always want to tell you why,

You are the one stuck inside my mind,

There is no telling what I would do,

If I ever had a chance with you.

One day I’ll see, my face inside your eyes,

Reflections of love, drop in from time to time,

If I were strong, I’d do what I believe,

I sing this for you, as I wipe my tears off clean,


If I ever had that chance to show you who I am,

I’d give you the stars and fly you to the moon,

Giving you all the happiness that you deserve,

I hope that one day will be my turn with you.

Follow Me – Music and Lyrics by Alx Kawakami (ASCAP)


Leaping quickly through the hands of time

Hiding from the face of pain

Wanting more than just the same routine

The ordinary’s just too plain


Running around with no idea on where to go

All you need to do is take my hand and


Follow me through the clouds tonight Watching all the stars so bright

Take you to a place where you can see Follow me to your destiny

Hold me when my hearts in need When is it that you will see

That you’re the only one for me baby


Believe that I’m the one who takes your hand

Whenever you’re the one in need

Tracing over all my past mistakes

The one that changed my life it seems


My path is shown now it’s up to make a choice

Whether to walk away or take my hand and

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