I’ve been lost in your eyes forever,

But I never got the chance to know your name,

I struggled to find the time to paint a picture in my mind,

Of how beautiful you looked to me that day,


You’re the star up in the sky that falls from heaven,

The one that all the gazers wish upon,

And like that star up in the sky, I fell for you that night,

With my heart laid out I offer you this song,


I’ve fallen for you, I’ve fallen for you baby,

You make it easy for me to love again,

You didn’t have to try your hardest to get on board so quickly

Cuz’ I fell for you before I knew your name


I’ll stay awake if your fears keep your eyes open,

In my arms you’ll feel security within

I’ll sing for you a lullaby each and every night

Rock-a-by my baby go to sleep