New Tunesday Video – Watch Alx Sing “Smooth” by Santana and Rob Thomas

  Smooth – Santana – Am Intro – Am7, E7, Am7, E7                       Am7      E7                                         Am7         E7 Man, it’s
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New Tunesday Video – Watch Alx Sing “Like I’m Gonna Lose You”

I was listening to some of the new music coming out today and came across Meghan Trainor’s new album and started listening to the songs and fell in love with this one. Her whole album is pretty great tho because it has an old school feel with new school tools and lyrics, which definitely gets
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New Tunesday Video – Alx Sings Animals by Maroon 5!

Crunch Time – LA is Around the Corner…

Holy moly it’s September already! August pretty much didn’t even exist because it went by way too fast. Seriously…where did the whole month of August go?!?! Phew…anyways…the reason I’m kind of freaking out is because on September 23rd I move to Los Angeles. Up until now it was very exciting and wasn’t really real yet,
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Last night tested my patience…

Hey everyone, I consider myself a very patient person, but when there are drunk guys yelling and being obnoxious at gigs while I’m performing, it tests my patience and also tests my confidence. In my opinion, getting up on stage and singing my heart out takes a certain courage in itself, but when I have
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Purium Cleanse | Waimea Bay | New Projects

Hey All! Lots has been happening recently so I thought I’d post some cool stuff! As most of you know already, I’m moving to LA to pursue music in September, which is a huge step in my life. ManoaDNA isn’t retiring, we will still do various tours and shows in the future, however, our weekly
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