Holy moly it’s September already! August pretty much didn’t even exist because it went by way too fast. Seriously…where did the whole month of August go?!?!
Phew…anyways…the reason I’m kind of freaking out is because on September 23rd I move to Los Angeles. Up until now it was very exciting and wasn’t really real yet, but as the moving date creeps closer I’m starting to get a little more anxiety. We’re selling lots of our stuff and packing everything needed for LA and the house and bedroom are starting to get empty but for some reason as the room gets bigger it’s feeling like it’s closing in on me!!! Deep breathes…deep breathes…

Aside from the moving stress I’ve been working on my new originals in the studio and playing solo around town. Last night I played a mellow night at Hyatt SWIM Bar with Mark Tanouye and got a chance to play some new music to try things out.



This weekend I’ll be on the north shore for a buddy’s wedding and I get the chance to play music at the ceremony and sing them down the aisle. Should be a great weekend!

Just a few reminders –
– On Tuesday I’ll be giving out my version of All of Me by John Legend for FREE so keep an eye out for it and let your friends know.
– September 20th we’re having a farewell bash at Gordon Biersch since ManoaDNA won’t be performing in public for awhile so I hope you can all come down!