Hey everyone,
I consider myself a very patient person, but when there are drunk guys yelling and being obnoxious at gigs while I’m performing, it tests my patience and also tests my confidence.

In my opinion, getting up on stage and singing my heart out takes a certain courage in itself, but when I have drunk frat boys yelling out dumb requests and disturbing people around them, that’s where my patience and confidence get tested.

At Lulus last night there was a group of guys yelling out demands for certain dumb songs and I decided to ignore them because they were being very rude. It wasn’t in a playful way and when I didn’t acknowledge them they just kept yelling and making stupid remarks. So I playfully made fun of them a little on the mic and left it at that. They ended up being very rude to the servers at Lulus and didn’t seem like very nice people to be around.

After nights like this I always second guess my abilities…if I am a good entertainer, why would a group like that need to be idiotic? Why couldn’t I turn their night around and make them have fun? Every other patron at the restaurant told me they had a great time and loved the music, so why should I even worry about these guys?

I guess when it’s all said and done these guys need to put people down to make themselves feel good. That’s sad. I feel bad for people like that. So in the end I just kept playing my music the way I knew best and made sure everyone else in the restaurant had a good time.

There will always be assholes in this world, the trick is to never let them drag you down to their level…

You all rock,