Hey All!

Lots has been happening recently so I thought I’d post some cool stuff!
As most of you know already, I’m moving to LA to pursue music in September, which is a huge step in my life. ManoaDNA isn’t retiring, we will still do various tours and shows in the future, however, our weekly shows will end around the end of August. I’m excited yet sad that we won’t be playing together as much, but it’s going to be a great experience.

Two weeks ago I started a transformation cleanse called “PURIUM” to try and reset my metabolism, lose a little weight, and clean my body of all the toxins from eating and drinking A LOT of unhealthy stuff. I definitely had my doubts and thought I would lose weight, but go back to eating and drinking unhealthy foods and drinks again. However, I am pleasantly surprised at how good it worked. In 10 days I lost 14 lbs, 3.5 inches off my belly, and broke my bad eating habits. During the process it was pretty hard, but I’m so glad I did it. I signed up to be a seller of PURIUM (it’s a multi level marketing business) and have been selling to my friends that want to try it. It may not be for everyone, but if you want to try it I can give you a $50 gift card that you can redeem at http://www.mypurium.com/akawakami . Just use my gift card code – akawakami – and $50 will be applied to whatever you buy.

On Sunday I spent the whole day at Waimea Bay with the Noyle family because Zak Noyle was hosting a photography event for Watershot Housing who makes waterproof cases for iPhones and Galaxy phones. He was letting people try them out for free so we all hung out and stayed at the beach all day. After getting a nice burn on the skin we were treated to a BEAUTIFUL sunset! It was a great way to end the weekend.

Waimea Bay Sunset
Waimea Bay Sunset

Right now I’m putting together some new stuff for a full solo album that I hope to finish sometime this year. I’ve been writing a lot recently and putting together a collection of songs I think will best portray what I want to do. I’ve also been trying to put together some songs for a ManoaDNA Christmas Album that we’ll have for this coming Christmas season. It’s a lot of work…but it will all be worth it!

As you can see, this summer is going to be very very very busy but so much fun! Can’t wait for the future…