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Last night tested my patience…

Hey everyone,
I consider myself a very patient person, but when there are drunk guys yelling and being obnoxious at gigs while I’m performing, it tests my patience and also tests my confidence.

In my opinion, getting up on stage and singing my heart out takes a certain courage in itself, but when I have drunk frat boys yelling out dumb requests and disturbing people around them, that’s where my patience and confidence get tested.

At Lulus last night there was a group of guys yelling out demands for certain dumb songs and I decided to ignore them because they were being very rude. It wasn’t in a playful way and when I didn’t acknowledge them they just kept yelling and making stupid remarks. So I playfully made fun of them a little on the mic and left it at that. They ended up being very rude to the servers at Lulus and didn’t seem like very nice people to be around.

After nights like this I always second guess my abilities…if I am a good entertainer, why would a group like that need to be idiotic? Why couldn’t I turn their night around and make them have fun? Every other patron at the restaurant told me they had a great time and loved the music, so why should I even worry about these guys?

I guess when it’s all said and done these guys need to put people down to make themselves feel good. That’s sad. I feel bad for people like that. So in the end I just kept playing my music the way I knew best and made sure everyone else in the restaurant had a good time.

There will always be assholes in this world, the trick is to never let them drag you down to their level…

You all rock,


Bruno Rocked, But Who Else Caught My Attention?


I had a great opportunity last weekend to watch one of Hawaii’s own rock the Blaisdell Arena and win over the whole state of Hawaii.  Bruno Mars came back home and sold out 3 shows last weekend and proved why he is one of the top entertainers in the world right now.  He put on a show that not only was musically amazing, but the production quality was off the charts.  He didn’t just sing, he entertained.  He inspired me to become a better entertainer.

I arrived in the arena right as Bruno’s Dad’s band was playing and rocking some doo-wop/latin music that was different from the norm but I really enjoyed it.  Something about good conga players peaks my attention.  After they finished their set, the proud father took a bow and waved goodbye to the crowd to make way for the next act to open.  Back in high school I played in a band called “Pa’ani” and our bass player’s name was Brad Watanabe, who is now the bass player/keyboard player for the band The Green.  They came on next to pave the way for Bruno and got the crowd up and dancing and loosened everyone up.  They did a great job opening for Bruno and I know they have a VERY bright future ahead of them. It was great to catch up with Brad a little after he finished and I wish him all the best. We may collaborate on something in the future too…

The Green was on fire!

The Green was on fire!

After The Green finished it was a short wait till Bruno came up and holy smokes he did not disappoint!  I knew he was good but he impressed me with his vocals and his overall ability to entertain.  His band was amazing too!  After the concert it really made me think about what I’m doing with my music career and how much harder I need to work to get to where I want to be.  It’s so easy in Hawaii to be laid-back and fall into a slump because no matter what happens you’re in Hawaii and Hawaii is amazing.  But after watching Bruno it made me think about how much work goes into this and he inspired me to want to get better and practice more to become a better entertainer and songwriter.

But like I said…there was someone else that caught my attention.  Bruno’s brother Eric Hernandez, a.k.a “E-Panda” is his drummer on tour and this is not an over exaggeration, but he is one of the finest drummers I’ve ever seen in my life.  It wasn’t because he could solo like a maniac (he could), it’s not because he could play fast and in time (he could), it’s not because he played with one hand while drinking water (he did), and it’s not because he made it look easy (he did)…it’s because of how tasteful his playing was.  He didn’t try to bang around and over power the music, he played simple enough so the essence of the song remained familiar but also threw in perfectly timed fills and crashes.  I might’ve watched him more than I did Bruno.

I went home after the concert and started reading about Eric Hernandez and his story.  He originally moved to LA at the age of 18 to try and work as a drummer and ended becoming an LAPD police officer instead because he had to pay the bills.  He pretty much put his drums in storage until Bruno moved up and things started to get exciting.  He also took time to take lessons even though he knew he was good.  That right there tells me a lot about him because you’re never too good to learn and he is a great example of how hard work will always pay off in the end.  Go google him and read about him, great story.

E-Panda – if you ever read this, thanks for being an inspiration and not giving up when the going got tough.  I would love to jam with you someday so keep a lookout for me in the future!

Thanks for reading peeps…got some exciting news coming in the next few months so stick around.


Great concert, Bruno!

Great concert, Bruno!

Just Plane Exhausted…

If you follow my Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, then you know that our last trips to LA, Nashville, Florida, and Vegas, were filled with many plane failures and delays. I’m tired of my planes turning around mid flight, not taking off, and delaying because it makes me so tired and full of stress. I think I’m still recovering after a week of nutsness!

Since we’ve been back we’ve been nonstop gigging and working, which, don’t get me wrong, is really awesome, but I’m running on fumes. Even if I get a good amount of sleep I still wake up exhausted and have trouble concentrating throughout the day. I think after wednesday or so this week I’ll have time to relax. One can only hope…

We’re finishing up a project for Dole this week, then it’s on to our new Japan album. So excited to get some new songs down for you all to hear!

I’ll be back soon with another update..

Songwriting in LA

In LA right now trying to write music that we’ll record later this week. We’ll be working with Ken Caillat next week so I’m writing with one of his writers names Eric Berdon. We wrote some good stuff last night and today I have the day off to relax and get more good ideas down before we meet again tomorrow. I was so nervous about writing with someone I’ve never met but it felt good and I can’t wait to start again.
I could get used to this kind of living so hopefully ill be able to come back more often to work in LA.
I’ll post some more stuff on my FaceBook and Twitter so follow me for updates and picture!

My Brain is Tired…

Hey Everyone,
It’s been a long couple of weeks for me as we’ve been playing so many ManoaDNA gigs around town for various Christmas parties. I love this season because everyone is so happy and cheery, but damn is it exhausting! I can’t wait to just relax during Christmas and enjoy the holidays.
We’ve been talking with some people from LA about furthering my writing skills and getting our music more into the mainstream, and hopefully I’ll be taking a trip up to Cali to meet with some people and talk business. This is the next step I’ve been looking for for years and I can’t wait to learn and increase my music knowledge. I’ve been posting a lot on my Twitter, Instagram (User: AlxKawakami), and Facebook so please stop by and say hello!

Talk to you all soon, have a wonderful Christmas!

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