I Learned Lots Last Night!

Last night I played at the Hyatt SWIM bar all by myself for the first time ever! I’ve played a few songs solo here and there, but never did I ever do a whole gig by myself. I think all in all the gig went good but there were a few things I need to work on and that’s the exact reason I wanted to do the solo thing last night.  I learned a lot about myself while I sat there alone playing old and new songs.  First…playing solo is A LOT harder than playing with a band!!! Now that I know that for sure, I can get to practicing and getting used to the sound of me.

It was good to see some good friends and family down at the SWIM bar last night and I want to say thank you to everyone who came down to support.  I brought my new CD to sell too so thanks to everyone that bought one!  It releases officially on September 4th but I’ll be selling it at live gigs until it releases.  It’s also at the Iolani on Kona St store too!

These next few days I’m going to be getting ready for my trip to Japan and my Thumbs Up concert as well as performing with ManoaDNA over the weekend.  I’m so excited to play at Thumbs Up in Yokohama but I’m also nervous because playing solo is still new to me.  I hope everyone enjoys the new ALX CD and Tshirts I’ll have!


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New Upside-Down and Backwards Shirt Designs

Vote for your favorite color combination on my Facebook page!

1. Black Shirt w/ Lime Text

2. Black Shirt w/ Magenta Text

3. White Shirt w/ Blue Text

4. Blue Shirt w/ Yellow Text

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9/13 Tickets on sale now!

Tickets for my solo debut at ThumbsUp in Yokohama went on sale last weekend and the reaction so far has been very good!  I hope to pack the place and party all night with old friends and new friends.  If you havent gotten your tickets yet please check out the info below on how to make reservations.  My new CD is coming together too and should be finished very soon so keep an eye out for that!

We just got back from a great concert in Kona that we do every year called Twilight at Kalahuipua’a and boy was this year a blast!  Every year is so special because the people who come to watch this concert series are so nice and so loving that it makes us want to always come back.  This year we got people to form a conga line on one of our songs and Uncle Danny and Aunty Anna Akaka both said that in the 15 years they’ve been putting this concert series on they’ve never seen the crowd do that.  It was amazing!  If you ever are in Kona around a full moon weekend, check out the Twilight Concert series at the Mauna Lani Hotel.  I promise you wont regret it!

Thanks for the support everyone and see you soon!


Thumbs Up
Soutetsu Movil 3F
2-1-22 Nankou, Nishi-ku,

Phone : 045-314-8705
E-Mail :
PC Website :
Mobile Website :コクヨ 会議サポートツール SAシリーズ 電話台 天板カラー5色【TT-KA1000SAW-E6A】
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New ALX Album Coming Soon

I’ve been in the studio all week recording my first solo EP and it’s coming along nicely.  There will be about 5-6 songs on this album and all will be originals.  It’s been a lot harder than I thought because usually I have my brother and my dad in the studio to help out with various things but this time it’s just me and I’m just going for it.  I’ll post a preview of one of my new songs soon and I’ll let you know when the album is finished.  Should be very soon!!

Other than working on this new album I also am getting together my show for ThumbsUP on September 13th in Yokohama.  The details are posted in my calendar tab above.  I also have some ManoaDNA projects that I’m working on too so I’ve been keeping busy!

See you all soon!


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Dreaming of Yokohama

I’m seeing all the Facebook posts about the Yokohama Festival today and I’m wishing that we were there.  Every year for the last 5 years ManoaDNA has performed at this festival and had to deal with the intense heat.  I thought I would never miss the heat of July and August in Japan, but here I am, laying in bed wishing I was performing in the hot sun in Yokohama.  Oh well, it just makes me more excited to travel back to Japan in September and October!

Tonight we played at Lulus and had a great crowd come in.  It has been beautiful weather here lately so the sunset and afternoon was great.  Tomorrow I’ll be working on my recording all day as well as performing at Kani Ka Pila Grille from 6-9.  I have a busy next couple of weeks so I better get some sleep.

Good night all!

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9/13 Thumbs Up Solo Debut Info!

Here’s the ticket information for my solo debut in September.  Please share this with your friends because it’s going to be a great night! Mahalo, ALX.

Ticket Reservations / Sales details will be as follows:

8/4 (Sat) Phone Reservations ONLY starts from 3:00PM
8/5 (Sun) Website Reservations and Ticket Sales at Thumbs Up starts

Thumbs Up
Soutetsu Movil 3F
2-1-22 Nankou, Nishi-ku,

Phone : 045-314-8705
E-Mail :
PC Website :
Mobile Website :

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