New Tunesday Video – Watch Alx Sing “Smooth” by Santana and Rob Thomas


Smooth – Santana – Am

Intro – Am7, E7, Am7, E7

                      Am7      E7                                         Am7         E7
Man, it’s a hot one, like seven inches from the midday sun
                                                                   Dm      Dm/C     Dm6
Well, I hear you whisper and the words melt everyone
      E7                    Am7    E7
But you stay so cool
                 Am7    E7                                         Am7   E7
My muñequita, my Spanish Harlem Mona Lisa
                                        Dm  Dm/C  Dm6  E7
You’re my reason for reason, the step in my groove, yeah.

And if you said,
Am7                   E7
“This life ain’t good enough.”
                        Am7                       E7
I would give my world to lift you up
                        Am7                   E7                  Dm  Dm/C Dm6
I could change my life to better suit your mood
E7                             Am7   E7
Because you’re so smooth

               Am7                             E7
And it’s just like the ocean under the moon
                               Am7                                         E7
Well, that’s the same as the emotion that I get from you
       Am7                                              E7
You got the kind of loving that can be so smooth, yeah.
Dm                                           E7                                      Intro
Gimme your heart, make it real or else forget about it

Well, I’ll tell you one thing, if you would leave it’d be a crying shame
In every breath and every word I hear your name calling me out
Out from the barrio, you hear my rhythm on your radio
You feel the turning of the world so soft and slow
Turning you ’round and ’round



New Tunesday Video – Watch Alx Sing “Like I’m Gonna Lose You”

I was listening to some of the new music coming out today and came across Meghan Trainor’s new album and started listening to the songs and fell in love with this one. Her whole album is pretty great tho because it has an old school feel with new school tools and lyrics, which definitely gets my attention. Enjoy the video!


Lyrics and chords:

Like I’m Gonna Lose You – G (My video is a half step down)

G                                             Bm7
I found myself dreaming of silver and gold
Em                                                             C      Em7      Am7    D7
Like a scene from a movie, that every broken heart knows
G                                                         Bm7
We were walking on moonlight, And you pulled me close
Em                                                                                 C        Em7  Am7  D7
Split second and you disappeared, And then I was all alone

I woke up in tears, With you by my side
   Bm7                                             Em
A breath of relief, And I realized
                              C       Em7   Am7    D7
No, we’re not promised tomorrow

                            G                                           Bm7
So I’m gonna love you like I’m gonna lose you
                             Em                                              C
And I’m gonna hold you like I’m saying goodbye
                                G                                                    Bm7
Wherever we’re standing, I won’t take you for granted
                                    Em                                                              C
‘Cause we’ll never know when, when we’ll run out of time
                          G                                         Bm7
So I’m gonna love you like I’m gonna lose you
                    Em                                C  Em7  Am7  D7
I’m gonna love you like I’m gonna   lose     you

In the blink of an eye, Just a whisper of smoke
You could lose everything, The truth is you never know
So I’ll kiss you longer baby, Any chance that I get
And I’ll make the most of the minutes, And love with no regrets

So let’s take the time to say what we want
Here’s what we got before it’s all gone
Cuz no, we’re not promised tomorrow