Don’t you worry just live carefree,

This will satisfy your deepest curiosities,

Take my advice you should ride on it twice

To feel the island’s rarest paradise.


Take a ride, you’ll feel sublime, on the mountain side,

See the island’s beauty from mauka to makai

Be our guest and take a breathe of the air so fresh,

Step out on the Pineapple Express.

Ride on the Pineapple Express.


Don’t move fast, better relax

Feel the locomotive on the smooth train tracks.

A smell that’s so pure your senses just can’t ignore,

Bananas, mangoes, pineapples galore


Send your biggest Shaka out to Pineapple Pete,

With his Dole whip hair, he’s looking oh sweet,

Show your Aloha and get ready for a treat,

When the engine starts rumbling, you’ll feel it in your feet.

Just feel it in your feet ohh!