You’ve got a gift for the world to see,

Let it roll in the wind like the rustling leaves.

The world needs to feel your genuine warmth,

Be the sun that breaks to the cold hard core.


We all see the way you glow,

So you will never feel that you’re alone.


You’re my little dancing queen, baby.

When you crack a little smile you make it hard to breathe.

When the lights low I watch you shine,

You’re a real life angel and you’re mine all mine.


Beautiful moves like the deep blue sea,

Your hands tell the story so gracefully.

Floating like a bubble that’s along for the ride,

Smooth like the light of the moon at night.


You’ve got the world in the palm of your hand,

A shiny black pearl in the middle of the sand…


I see the way the birds they sing to you and only you,

And everywhere you walk it seems all the flowers are in bloom.

Even on the cloudiest days it feels like paradise,

Cuz I’m so lucky to say that you are mine all mine…