We’re on this ride, no one here to guide us

All alone we’re following the light,

Just go wherever it takes us.

We fly up high, passed the clouds to heaven,

Through the night a shooting star is sent in for you

I’ll make your wish come true.


We’re flying away living for the day,

We got wind in our hair, in the sky we play,

Got nowhere to go and the only thing I know..

I’m not traveling alone, we’re flying together.


The easels blank, lets paint on the canvas

Lets hide away, where no one else will find us

All alone, writing our story

Don’t let it go lets beat the odds together

Never alone, I promise you forever yea I’ll be there

Whenever you need me


Nothing’s gonna break our path,

With you this bond will last

Doesn’t matter where we go,

As long as it’s your hand I hold, away we go…