Early Preview of "Gotta Be Me"

Because you're all my best friends, please enjoy an early release of Gotta Be Me 🤙🏽

If you share this to your friends, you'll have 25 years of bad luck!!!

Nah, just make sure they tell everyone how amazing it is 😂



The idea for Gotta Be Me began after a heavy night of drinking in Japan. From sake, to ramen, to karaoke, it was one of those nights that seemed to go on forever. As I awoke in a fog, the first few lines of the song popped into my head as a joke…”Last night I had a few too many while singing to the words on TV…and every ticketed seat was empty but I was still living the dream.” Most people can relate to those opening lyrics...belting out a song to an audience of a few while envisioning yourself on stage in front of adoring fans at Aloha Stadium.
As the song began to write itself, it became a song to inspire people to be themselves; pave your own path with the support of everything that has come before you. The lyrics flowed out effortlessly. To this day, I still think the images portrayed by the lyrics are my favorite I’ve ever written.
The second verse paints an image of someone not willing to take that first step; or, being afraid to get your feet wet when trying to find a star in the storm. It also pays homage to my previous song “Count From Ten” as well.
All in all, this was a song that took 10 minutes to write and 3 years to record. I didn’t even have a title until I put it out to my live stream audience over COVID for suggestions.
I hope that this song inspires all of us to take more chances as we come out from these past few years.


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